I Have Seen This Movie

family enrichment Aug 14, 2023

Last weekend we had all six of our children, thirteen grandchildren, 2 daughter-in-laws and 2 son-in-laws together for the first time in a couple of years.  One of the events for the weekend was pizza and a movie night with Nana and Papa Jim.  We were hosting (babysitting) all 13 grandchildren so our adult children could go out and enjoy a dinner together.   About 20 minutes into the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, it was time for the two youngest grandchildren to go to bed.  They were too young to watch anyway.



Nana took one of them.    The other one is the youngest of one of my out of town daughters and she is at the age where it takes a while for her to get comfortable with “strangers”.   Since she hadn’t fully warmed up to me, the plan was for her older sister to take her up and put her to bed.   After a few minutes, my wife had made her way back downstairs and this is when we had one of those wonderful moments.  My oldest  grandson said to my wife …


“Nana, I have seen this movie before.  I can go up and take care of Hadley (the baby that needed to be put to bed) so that Kayt (his cousin) can come back down and watch with everyone else.”


What a beautiful example of thoughtfulness and kindness.  


As parents we are proud of a good report card, getting a part in the school play or scoring the game winning goal.  But nothing fills us up more than our child acting with kindness and love.   


If this is your goal as well, here are two things you can do.


First, model the behavior.  Your children are always watching so if you make the effort to be thoughtful and loving your children will follow your lead.  Besides that… one of the best ways to experience a sense of purpose is to do something kind for someone else.  To give is to receive.


Next, make a point to talk about the importance of being thoughtful, kind and loving.  Point out opportunities to act with kindness.   For example: at the start of a new school year we would ask our children if there were any new kids at their school and we would encourage them to be inclusive and helpful.  Think for a minute about the message you are sending to your child by doing this.  The message is that you can make a difference.  Allowing them to experience a sense of purpose as well.    


Choosing a loving perspective … changes everything.


Your Family Enrichment Coach,


Jim White





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