I will let him handle this.

empowering your teenager family enrichment Jul 31, 2023

We had a situation pop up the other day that provides a simple but awesome example of parenting with an empowerment mindset.   Here is what happened. My wife and I were out to breakfast with our youngest daughter, my oldest son and his family.   My son is a graduate and avid fan of Indiana University.  However, his younger sister is entering her senior year at Indiana University’s arch rival, Purdue University.  We are what is known as a house divided.  Two of our children attended Indiana and three of our children attended Purdue.   As you can imagine, when we get together it doesn’t take much to start some good natured banter about the strengths and weaknesses of these two schools.   


As we sat down for breakfast, my daughter took the seat directly across from her 10 year old nephew… one of my son’s children.   Living in a home of Indiana University graduates he had learned first hand of the greatness of Indiana University and the shortcomings of Purdue.   It didn’t take long for the conversation between my daughter and her nephew to turn into a debate over which school was better.  As the conversation continued, my son started to argue the benefits of Indiana.   But then he stopped himself and said something awesome…


He said to them, “I will let him handle this” …  him being his son.   


While this may seem like a small gesture from the standpoint of empowerment this is huge.  First of all, with this statement my son is saying I believe in you.  You got this.  This is an example of seeing and speaking to the greatness of his child.   Secondly, he provided the space for his son to formulate and express his own arguments.  This kind of practice will prove to be invaluable when he needs to be the voice of reason in a group of friends heading for trouble.  


Everyday as parents we are presented with opportunities to empower our children.  Adapting an empowerment mindset puts us in the position to recognize and take advantage of these moments.


By the way,  Indiana University vs Purdue University … to be continued.





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