Oh ... Now I Get It

family enrichment shifting your mindset Sep 20, 2023

My four year old granddaughter, Natalie, is playing soccer for the first time this fall.  She spent the first game running around with all of the other kids on the field not even looking at the ball.  While she hadn’t grasped the objective of the game, she was having a blast.  At this point for her it was just a bunch of kids running around on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  When the game was over she was all smiles.  The next game started off the same.  She was running around with her friends with a giant smile on her face, again with no attention on the ball.   Then about half way through the game something clicked for her.  In an aha moment she “got” the objective of the game.  From this point on she was seeking the ball and when she got a chance she was turning and heading straight for the goal.  By the end of the game she had scored three times.


I bring this up to make this point.   You can’t force an aha moment.   Sometimes as parents we get frustrated when our child just isn't getting it.  Maybe it is the math homework or the objective of a soccer game.  But it could also be something like kindness or making responsible choices.  It seems so obvious to us and we have explained it a million times.  We think to ourselves… are they just not listening.  Today, I am reminding you to give yourself and your child some grace.  The aha moment will come when your child is ready.  Our job is to lovingly guide them to the answer but it is up to them to discover it.  


These aha moments are so powerful.   They open up a whole new world of possibilities so let go of your frustration and embrace the journey.


A change in perspective … changes everything,


Your Family Enrichment Coach,


Jim White






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