The Power of Community

family enrichment Jan 14, 2023

Have you ever been around someone who is always complaining or in a bad mood?


On the other hand…


Have you ever been around someone who is full of gratitude, joy and optimism?


Think for a moment about how each of these two vastly different people impact the environment when they enter a room.


I am bringing this up because I experienced the power of community first hand over the weekend. 


This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend an event being put on by a health and wellness company my wife represents. During the weekend I was surrounded by a group of friends from all over the country. These are people who engage with the world through loving eyes. They see the good in others. They see the world as a place full of abundance and hope. Every time I spend time with this group of friends, I find myself reconnecting to the power of love.  Consequently, as we traveled back home I felt energized, inspired and on purpose.  


This weekend reminded me how powerful a community can be. Here are three effects I noticed from the time spent with this group of love based friends.  


  •  Instill belief


You are probably familiar with the term limiting beliefs. On the other end of the spectrum there are empowering beliefs. What I noticed is that I tend to take on the beliefs of the people I am surrounded by. Within this community I find my love based beliefs being reaffirmed. For example: the belief that people are fundamentally good and are meant to live a life on purpose. Or that the world is an abundant place.


  •  Shift mindset


In my work with families I emphasize the importance of mindset.  At any given moment you and I are either engaging from a fear based mindset or a love based mindset.  The goal is to respond with love more often than not.  Similar to beliefs, I noticed that I tend to take on the mindset of the people I am surrounded by.  When I am with this group of friends a love based mindset becomes the default. It is easier to find forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.  And the idea of service is not seen as a burden but as the source of purpose. 


  •  Take on their energy


Have you ever noticed that some people have a positive energy? They are creative, joyful, optimistic and inspiring.  This particular group of friends are full of this kind of positive energy. It should be no surprise that over the two day event, I found my energy being lifted. 


The affects of our friendship, work environments or any other communities we engage with are kind of like the current in a river.  Once you are in the river it sweeps you up and pulls you downstream.    


Here is your FEA (Family Enrichment Academy) Hero challenge. Over the next week do an assessment of the different communities and people that you are surrounded by. Create two lists.  A list of the people and communities that are love based (inspire and empower you) and a list of the ones that are fear based (Negative, destructive and disempower you).  Next, develop a plan to limit the time spent with the fear based list and more importantly, a plan to spend more time with the people and communities that are love based.


If you find that your list of love based people is short, you can always turn to books, podcasts and online communities. This is one of the primary benefits of a Family Enrichment Academy Membership… A love based community.


Please know that I am on this journey with you and you deserve a life full of peace, joy, purpose and love. 


Your Family Enrichment Coach ...Jm White






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