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When it comes to your relationships with your children and the dynamics within your home, what would be a big step forward?


Many parents will answer this question by saying that they just want to get through a day without fighting.
I am going to invite you to think bigger than this. What are your hopes and aspirations for your children and your family?
  • How about a child that thrives in everything they do?

  • How about a child that is responsible and make great choices?

  • How about a child that is fully engaged with the family and is a joy to be around? 

 Here is a stretch ...

  • How about a child that has a strong sense of purpose and makes a difference in the world?


This is absolutely possible … 

Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this sounds awesome but there are a lot of factors working against you … right?
  • Time is an issue
  • Outside influences are working against you. Especially, social media
  • The pressures and demands of the schools are unreasonable
  • Your child is just difficult
  • Drugs and alcohol are everywhere
  • Pornography is easily accessible
Not to mention …
  • You and your spouse are struggling
  • You don’t really like your job and there are money problems
You could probably add a few additional items to this list that are specific to your particular circumstances and family...Couldn’t you? 
I am here to assure you that all hope is not lost. It is absolutely possible to overcome these obstacles and transform your relationship with your child. To empower them to be their absolute best and to bring peace, joy and love back into your home. 

My name is Jim White. I am an author, coach and founder of The Family Enrichment Academy. 


I have spent the last 40 years studying the topics of personal development, marriage and parenting. More importantly, I have also spent those 40 years applying these lessons and living my life as a husband, a father to 6 children and a grandfather to 12 … Papa Jim.   
I am the classic example of a hero’s two journeys
If you are not familiar with the idea of a hero’s two journeys, let me explain. The basic structure of a great story involves a hero undertaking a journey of some kind.  There is a goal they are trying to achieve or a task they must accomplish. This is the outside journey. The journey of accomplishment. 
While the struggle to overcome obstacles and the pursuit of the goal can make for an entertaining story, it is the second journey that makes the story and the hero compelling. The second journey involves the hero going through an internal transformation. This is called the journey of fulfillment. They are becoming a “better” person. They are discovering new values and beliefs that shift the direction of their life and they start experiencing peace, joy and a sense of purpose.  
As you can imagine, the task of raising 6 children has been challenging for my wife and I. There was a never ending flow of meals to cook, homework to help with, places to be, clothes to buy and too many other things to mention. I like to say that “we were 6 kids busy” 
And like all journeys of accomplishment, there have been both major and minor obstacles to overcome along the way as well. We worked through everything from a lost homework assignment... to a learning disability. From a cut on the knee... to struggles with drugs and alcohol. From learning to ride a bike ... to multiple car accidents. We have struggled with financial issues, including the bankruptcy of the family business my father started.  And as with any marriage there have been both sunny and cloudy days. In fact, we have had three distinct hurricanes over our forty years. These were periods where divorce was discussed.  
We have all been there … right?
As I moved along my outside journey as a husband and father, doing all of the stuff that a father of 6 children has to do.    I experienced an amazing internal transformation as well. Through my passion for personal development and family enrichment, I was discovering and putting into practice the principles, values and beliefs that make a life full of peace, joy, purpose and love possible.  With this new perspective everything about our family worked better.  20 years ago I wrote this definition of a “successful family”

A successful family is one whose members speak with respect, honor difference, provide a nurturing environment, empower each other, and truly enjoy being together.
They have a knack for really enjoying and appreciating the good times, while at the same time, they can effectively deal with any difficult issues that come their way. 
There is a sense of peace, joy, warmth, and love within their home.

While my family doesn’t always meet this definition, we experience it more often than not. Most importantly, when we start to drift away from this ideal or we are confronted with a new obstacle, I know what to do. I know how to lead us back. 
Now, I find myself at a point in my life where I am being called to share what I have learned during my life as a father and a husband so I founded the Family Enrichment Academy as a vehicle to fulfill this calling.   

The mission of The Family Enrichment Academy is to share 40 years of lessons and hard earned wisdom.  To empower parents to be the hero within their families. To teach the principles, values and beliefs that will lead to a "successful family".  A family full of peace, joy, warmth, and love. 
It would be an honor to join you as you move along your 2 journeys. And while it is rewarding to support you on your outside journey - the journey of accomplishment. The first priority is to guide you along your inside journey - the journey of fulfillment. 
My lifetime of study and experience has taught me that this is where miracles happen. 

Why Not Your Family ... Why Not Today

This course will guide you through the process of building connection and empowering your children to be their absolute best. 

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Here is what you will learn and put into practice ...

The Power of Mindset


You will learn to be intentional about your mindset. You will reconnect with the love based principles, values and beliefs that reside within you.  A love based mindset is the foundation for all success. 


Building Connection


You will develop the ability to build and deepen your connection with your children.




You will grow into your role as a coach for your children so that you can empower them to be their absolute best.

With these new skills and perspective, hope will return to your family. 


Your children will begin to thrive like you never thought possible. 


  • School will go better

  • Their friendships will be stronger

  • Their ability to make “good” decisions and solve their own problems will develop

  • They will willingly engage more fully with the family

  • They will begin to display maturity and a strong sense of self


These are all good things … right?    


Here is the schedule for the program:

Note: All calls are schedule at your convenience.  Each call includes course content and a discussion on applying the strategies into your particular family dynamic


Week 1 Kickoff Session - 45 minute live coaching call

  • 5 Strategies for shifting mindset
  • Week 1 challenge
Week 2 - 45 minute live coaching call
  • 9 Strategies for building connection
  • Week 2 challenge
 Week 3 -  45 minute live coaching call
  • 10 Coaching skills for empowering your children to be their absolute best
  • Week 3 Challenge
 Week 4 - 45 minute live coaching call
  • Putting it all together
  • Week 4 Challenge

Something to think about...


It is not unusual for a family to spend over $1,500 working with a family counselor.


If you enroll in our Parenting Fundamentals program today, your investment is only $399 

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90 day access to the Family Enrichment Academy Membership Site

Access to our members only parenting community

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Bi - Weekly live group coaching calls

Learn from the experience of others, gain valuable insight, and learn how to apply the strategies taught in the 28 Day Parenting Boot Camp 

Access to additional resources Including: 

  • A growing number of expert videos on big topics like drugs, alcohol, social media, pornography. 
  • Recordings of past coaching calls.

What You Get When You Enroll In Parenting Fundamentals


4 One on One Coaching Calls

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Course - How to Be The Parent Your Child Needs You to Be

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3 Months Access to The Family Enrichment Academy Membership Site

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Your children only have a limited amount of time under your wing.  Even if they are just 9 or 10 years old, you are going to look back in 5 or 6 years and say where did the time go.  
If you are committed to setting your children up for success in life and you feel like you have room to grow in your ability as a parent, then it just makes sense to get started today. 
Wouldn’t you agree?
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Jim's words of parenting wisdom aim straight to the heart of healing relationships between parents and teens. He offers clear, practical, applicable tools to communicate more effectively with your children. I noticed drastic improvements in my conversations with my kids after I began applying these principles. I am so grateful to have a mentor like Jim through this parenting journey. 

- Jen, mother of three sons, ages 13, 15, and 18


As the father of a 10-year-old and three teenage boys, I have made plenty of mistakes. This program will provide you with the tools to help you avoid the mistakes that I have made. It’s never too late to become a better father to your teenager, and the program has definitely made me a better one.


- Ben, father of four sons, ages 10, 13, 15, and 17



We all need a little help in connecting now and then, especially with our teens! Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained through his own experience of raising six children. Jim offers valuable advice and coaching skills to help you connect with your teenager in a loving and enriching way.” 


- Pam, mother of a son, age 15

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