Do Something Unexpected

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Last week a great video popped up on my YouTube Feed.  It was a video of a little league baseball game.  The batter was a six year old girl.   In the video, she takes a swing and barely gets the ball off the tee.  As she was running to first base she did the unexpected.  A beautiful cartwheel.  Then without breaking stride she continued on to first base.   You can’t watch this without smiling.  


This  week I am inviting you to follow the lead of this playful six year old girl.  Doing the unexpected is a great way to build connection within your family and bring some joy into your relationships.   Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.


  • Like the little girl … do a cartwheel (Or maybe just a graceful twirl if a cartwheel is a stretch physically) as you walk down an isle at the grocery store.
  • Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed on a Tuesday … just because.
  • Just after you have said goodnight to your kids, go back into their rooms and say “Let’s  not go to bed yet … let's go get ice cream!
  • Write a note to your child (While you are at it write one for your spouse as well)  and put it on the mirror in the bathroom or leave it on their pillow.
  • Challenge your son to a cannonball contest the next time you are at the pool.
  • Have breakfast for dinner.


Get creative.  Break old patterns.  Stretch your comfort zone.


Remember - A change in perspective … changes everything.


Here is your challenge.   At least once over the next week do something unexpected for your spouse and your children.

Your Family Enrichment Coach,

Jim White