Parents with Tween Girls - Interview with Becky Fife (I Believe in Me)

FREE RESOURCE: 10 Questions you should never ask your teenager. In today’s interview Becky Fife, a mother of 7 and cofounder of I Believe In Me, shares her insights around the issues middle school girls face and how we can best support them. During our conversation Becky shares the four Cs as well as their garden analogy. These two strategies provide a great framework for parents with tweens. The mission of I Believe in Me is to provide real tools and habits that strengthen confidence in tween girls! We do this through garden imagery of working, growing and sharing! When girls understand who they are and what they have to offer - they not only become stronger - they strengthen everyone around them! We believe this is the foundation of a happy middle school life. Strong Minds. Strong hearts. Strong Girls.