Signature Keynote ...

A Hero's Two Journeys

Everyone experiences disappointment, frustration, anger, anxiety or a host of other negative emotions at some level.  Unfortunately for many, these disempowering emotions inhibits growth or in some cases completely stops us from reaching our potential and pursuing our best lives.  This talk combines the power of storytelling with proven strategies for personal, professional & family “success”.   

 Topics include:

  •  Understanding the Hero’s Two Journeys
  • Making the journey of fulfillment the priority
  • The power of perspective
  • Choosing love over fear … the key to experiencing peace, joy and purpose
  • The journey of fulfillment starter kit


It is absolutely possible for everyone in your audience to live a life full of peace, joy, and purpose ... They just need someone to point them in the right direction.

It would be an honor to share these insights and strategies with your audience. 

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Workshop/breakout session topics:


Parenting Fundamentals

  • 5 strategies for shifting your mindset
  • 9 strategies for building connection
  • 10 coaching skills for empowering your children to be their absolute best


Parents - Stop Doing This

  • Top 10 things you need to stop doing as a parent
  • The 10 things you should do instead


Social Media & Your Teenager

  • Most popular social media platforms for teenagers
  • Why your teenager likes social media so much
  • The perceived risks 
  • What is the research saying about the impact of social media on your teenager
  • Building connection - Getting your teen to put down their phone and have a conversation
  • Empowerment - setting limits and developing a social media plan


Helping Your Child Get Beyond Anxiety

  • Types of anxiety
  • The results process & exercising your power to choose 
  • What to do when your child is experiencing anxiety
  • Strategies for reducing the risk and the impact of anxiety in your child’s life
  • Moving beyond anxiety and empowering your child to be their absolute best